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Our Story

“The world would be better if more people wore their hearts on their sleeves.”

A lifelong West Coast mountain dweller, Graham Turner has been a champion for the “most friendly and vibrant one-stop light town in Canada” since he moved to Pemberton to raise his family.

Building community is about finding ways to celebrate what makes a place and creating opportunities that bring everyone along.

Co-founder of Pemberton BMX, three term President of the Pemberton & District Chamber of Commerce, and four-time “favourite volunteer” as voted by the community (in the Piques annual Best of Pemberton poll, 2018-2021), Graham has unabashedly poured his heart and time into strengthening the Pemberton community.

Pemberton Brand is his latest outlet for strengthening the sense of community, by showcasing the assets that make this place so important to him - the valley’s beauty, the diversity, the people who make it, the families who weave together a sense of place out of their passions and hard work. 

Working with local artists, screenprinters, artisans, athletes, farmers, beer-farmers & restauranteurs, Graham has developed this authentic Pemberton BC branded apparel & souvenir company.

Graham Turner
Pemberton Brand Owner|Operator